Why Clever Realtors is the Go-To Real Estate Brokerage for Homeowners 1

Why Clever Realtors is the Go-To Real Estate Brokerage for Homeowners

Clever Realtors Puts Customers First

Clever Realtors is committed to providing exceptional customer service to all homeowners. When selling or buying a home with Clever, customers benefit from working with a team of professional agents who have years of experience in helping homeowners achieve their financial goals. Clever Realtors places a high emphasis on transparency, which allows homeowners to have peace of mind during the selling or buying process. Unlike other real estate brokerages, Clever Realtors does not charge any upfront fees or closing costs and has a commission rate of just 1% for homes that sell for more than $350,000. This means homeowners can comfortably sell their home knowing they are saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Clever Realtors Has a Wide Reach

Clever Realtors is a national real estate brokerage with expertise in markets across the United States. Clever operates in all fifty states and has agents in over 200 cities. Additionally, Clever Realtors has a vast network of partner agents, which gives homeowners access to a wide range of properties. This network also helps homeowners looking to sell their property to reach a broad range of potential buyers. The brokerage’s broad reach not only benefits homeowners, but it also benefits real estate agents who partner with Clever. Partner agents receive referrals from Clever Realtors, and as such, can increase their revenue streams while benefiting from the brokerage’s national marketing and advertising efforts.

Why Clever Realtors is the Go-To Real Estate Brokerage for Homeowners 2

Real Estate Agents at Clever are Experts in their Field

Clever Realtors works with a hand-selected team of experienced real estate agents with outstanding track records. Each Clever agent undergoes a rigorous vetting process before being added to the team. This process includes confirming certification and licensing, compliance with ethics codes, experience level, and customer service skills. Once a real estate agent becomes a Clever partner, they are offered ongoing training and support to help them stay current with market trends and best practices. This ensures homeowners receive the best possible experience when selling or buying a home through Clever.

Innovative Technology to Help Homeowners

Clever Realtors understands that the real estate industry is continually evolving, and keeping up with changes is essential for homeowners and real estate agents alike. For this reason, Clever Realtors has invested heavily in building innovative technology that helps homeowners navigate the selling and buying process. Clever Realtors’ online platform helps homeowners understand their local market trends, and how to maximize their property’s potential to sell at the best price. On the platform, homeowners can also communicate with Clever Agents and get responses to their inquiries within 24 hours. The platform also features automated updates, allowing homeowners to stay informed on key steps in the home selling and buying process without feeling overwhelmed.


Overall, Clever Realtors should be the go-to real estate brokerage for homeowners because it prioritizes customer satisfaction, has a wide reach across all fifty states, employs experienced and vetted real estate agents, and offers innovative technology that helps homeowners maximize their revenue and achieve their financial goals. The brokerage is also transparent in its processes, making the experience of selling or buying a home much more stress-free. Homeowners can trust that Clever Realtors is in their corner helping them make the most significant investment decisions of their lifetime. Our goal is to continually enhance your educational journey. That’s why we suggest visiting this external resource with additional and relevant information about the subject. 1 listing fee, explore more!

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